Jeff Davis

I’ve been an avid weight lifter for about 25 years. As I've gotten older pushing around weights just became non-motivating and I find just running on a treadmill or an elliptical for 45 minutes at a time boring. So I started incorporating circuit training and HIIT into my routines. I heard about Jeff’s Boot Camp through a friend and figured I’d give it a shot as I had given up going to the large chain gyms years ago.

From the very first class I was hooked. Jeff’s approach to training is like nothing I’ve ever experienced. Every class I attend is different from the last one, from the warm up exercises to the stations / circuits we go through. The combination of traditional weights, resistance training, cardio and body weight exercises is phenomenal and has me in the best shape I've been in over 15 years. Despite the early morning time I attend the classes, I genuinely look forward to getting up and going to the class a few times a week and challenging myself to improve and push myself further each time I go.

If you’re looking to break out of your normal workout routine and improve your overall fitness than I highly recommend Jeff’s Boot Camp.

Stephanie Greene-Cascais Alessandra

For the last 25 years, I think I tried every diet and exercise only to fail each time. From the first moment , Jeff did an awesome job of clearly describing each station and how to vary each exercise depending on your "OWN" ability and comfort level. Because of that, every person can benefit from this workout program and not feel intimidated or have to skip an exercise because they can't do it... although it is a group class, it is very much an individual program. Each week there is a different set of stations, so it is never the same workout from one class to the next and the energy in the room is awesome.

Bill Dodero

It is not often that we are presented with a truly transformational opportunity.

One came to me when I met Jeff at the Boonton Township 2013 Picnic Endurance Train booth. In response to his invitation to try his boot camp free, I responded that I had not regularly worked out since the late 1980’s and was not about to start. In his typical motivating fashion, Jeff did not push but simply laid out the options; I could show up at his class once for free; begin improving my health, fitness and appearance, all while having fun - or I could choose not to. In any event, after others tried his course, I decided contrary to my strong protestations, to try it.

Since that day, seven months ago, I have only missed a class while traveling for work. Jeff’s program has greatly enhanced my fitness and life: I have lost weight, built muscle, and feel more energized. Somehow Jeff manages to make vigorous workouts, fun. The time flies. Every session is different and filled with his carefully choreographed circuit designed to help everyone push to a new limit. He explains each exercise and teaches proper execution. Built into each session is the ability for advanced trainers and beginners, to push themselves to new levels of performance: Doing one more repetition or going a little further or longer are built in mechanisms for each student to keep striving.

Music is blaring and everyone is actually enjoying themselves, at 5:30 AM! The environment is welcoming, encouraging and supportive. His students cheer for each other and there is a team approach to having everyone be their personal best. You will never be able to keep such a regimen by yourself and, even if you could, it’s much more fun this way! Whether you are just starting out or a fitness veteran, Jeff’s classes are for you.

Elizabeth McNutt

I reached out to Jeff and Endurance Train a couple of months ago. I had gained weight the past two years and unlike in the past was not able to lose it. Everyone except for my close friends (who understand working out) told me to just buy a larger size wardrobe, I was 'skinny enough'. But I felt weak and missed feeling good. I signed up for an evaluation and settled into Jeff's Boot Camp since it fit perfectly into my schedule, and planned to use it to motivate me to start running again. I changed up my diet at the same time and the first few weeks went by. I was feeling guilty that I hadn't yet increased my running, but pretty soon realized not only was I fitting into my clothes but they were becoming too big on me! I had a ton of energy and when I did go for a run I was able to take off and log longer runs than in the past. I too have now changed how I approach working out. I am stronger in just two months than I have been in the past 10 years. My runs are now for fun, not a necessity. Jeff has been a great sounding board and I look forward to my workouts now and find myself doing push ups at night for fun. I recently did the ET300, a challenge I couldn't have completed just two months ago. My only regret now is not having taken a "before" picture!!!

Charlene Gough

Our son was getting married in August of 2012 and my mission in life was to lose twenty-five pounds before the wedding. I was out of shape and overweight and started eating much healthier foods (No Junk) . I walked on my Eliptical daily, but this was not enough to get me to my goal by the wedding plus I was very bored doing it. I started Endurance Train Bootcamp with Jeff in June of 2012. At first, it was very difficult for me, but Jeff kept me inspired and changed up the exercise routine every time and I was never bored or lost interest. I kept at it twice a week, still worked on my Eliptical and paid close attention to my diet. By the wedding day, I lost 30lbs and was very pleased with what I had done and how I felt about myself.

A year later, I have lost a total of 63 lbs. and now I go to bootcamp three times a week. There are a lot of people who would just say, "I can't handle a bootcamp at my age " and I am here to say, "Nonsense ". I am 55 years old, the mother of four sons and I am in the best shape of my entire life. I feel great, have tons of energy and receive so many compliments on what I have done it is unbelievably rewarding. For those of you in doubt or are afraid, I encourage you to just give it a try and keep at it. Jeff offers nothing but encouragement, knowledge and makes certain you are doing the exercises correctly so you do not hurt yourself. He does not make you feel inadequate if you have to take a breather. It takes some time and hard work, but the rewards are worth the effort and we owe it to ourselves to make that effort. Go for it, you deserve it.